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Please note that it is highly recommended that those who are interested in an LBL session have a Past Life Regression (in a separate session) beforehand.

What is Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL)?

Life Between Lives sessions are an advanced hypnotherapy technique, as taught by Dr. Michael Newton, that utilizes deep states of hypnosis to access your memories of your experiences as a Soul between incarnations. Some people call this your Higher Self, your Oversoul, or your Essential Self. In normal waking consciousness these memories are hidden, but deep trance permits a connection to be made so that Soul memories can be re-experienced while in human form. The LBL session is usually experienced as a journey, remembering the trip back "home" after a previous incarnation. So, if you’re curious about what your Soul does on its days off from Earth-School and why you chose this life, this body, and this family to continue your education here, a Life Between Lives session is something to consider.​

LBL clients may choose to read Michael Newton's books in advance of the session, but this is not required. (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of the Afterlife).

What do you mean by my "Soul"?

If you think of your Soul (with a capital “S”) as an actor and of Past Life Regressions as visiting other “characters” in other movies that your Soul has played, then Life Between Lives sessions cover what it’s like for your Soul to go home after the movie production is over.​

For example, Johnny Depp is an amazing actor who has taken on many quirky and diverse roles encompassing everything from a sweet, mentally challenged youth (Sam in “Benny and Joon”) to a serial killer seeking revenge (Sweenie Todd in “The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”) and everything in-between.

These characters don’t remember other characters – Willie Wonka remembers nothing about a “life” as Cap’n Jack Sparrow – but when the movie is over and Johnny puts off the costumes, he gets to go home, relax, and have time to do whatever hobbies he enjoys. He still remembers the roles he’s played, and he has actually grown as a person for having played them. We don’t judge him as being a horrible person for playing darker roles; and, in the same way, on the Other Side there is no judgment for those Souls who take on  the roles of 'villains', either. It is all about the Soul's learning and growth.

How long is an LBL session?

LBL sessions are extremely profound and potentially life changing, so it is normal for them to last 3.5 – 4.5 hours. It is important to ensure that all your questions and doubts are addressed so that the unconscious mind, which is going to do all the work, is fully satisfied and can relax and be comfortable with the process. You can expect to be in trance for about 3 hours.


"DeAnna, I wanted to take a minute and share with you what my experience has been since [our session]. Unbelievable, really! It's the most connected I have felt in so long. I can feel [the Spirit Allies] all in the very best way, constantly, still. They are all gifting me with their power, confidence, wisdom and light! Wow, is all I have to say. Thank you for sharing your talented gift with me, DeAnna. I really feel amazing! Thank You! "

~~ M.D.


Can everyone do this type of session the first time they try?

Honestly, no, not everyone can. Trancework at this level requires deep relaxation, and the ability to allow the conscious mind to take a back seat, but still remain passively in the background to interpret the content of the LBL. The ability to concentrate for long periods of time is also a necessary skill that comes with practice. For this reason, it is highly recommended that clients for LBL have already experienced a successful Past Life Regression before scheduling their LBL session.

How do I prepare for an LBL session?

Preparation should be commenced well before the planned date of your LBL session. Therefore, if you have a date or time of the year in mind, it is best to contact me and start to make arrangements well in advance.

People who are already familiar with meditation or relaxation techniques tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and with greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. This can be achieved by practicing with meditation tapes or CDs and also by arranging to experience hypnosis in shorter sessions first. Generally speaking, the session will include a long and gentle trance induction designed to ensure that sufficient trance depth is achieved.

Life Between Lives hypnotherapy is not a journey to be rushed or fit in with the other demands of a busy life. Clients who prepare themselves ahead of time usually experience the most profound and life-changing journeys.

However, even with the best preparation, sometimes the LBL session goes completely smoothly until the crossing over to the Gateway of the Other Side, and then the Guide will prevent any further progress. If this happens, please don’t take it personally. Usually this means that the timing is not right for you to continue at this point in your life because you have not yet made crucial life decisions which will determine the shape of this incarnation. They don’t like us to look at the answers before the exam.

What if I get to the “Other Side” and don’t want to come back to this life?

Some people worry that taking this journey into your life as a Soul might result in dissatisfaction with their current incarnation. Experience shows that it is usually the reverse. Knowledge and understanding of our purpose here on earth and the goals we set out to achieve helps us renew our commitment to complete the remainder of this incarnation with energy, understanding and grace.

During the LBL session we gain an enhanced understanding of why we have chosen to face the challenges that have arisen during the course of this life, and what soul lessons are being fulfilled by passing through these experiences.

Through an encounter with our Council of Elders and a visitation to what some have termed "The Place of Life Selection", it is possible for us to understand that our present human incarnation, like those which preceded it, is a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution.

As a result, people return to wakeful consciousness with a deeper commitment to live out their life-purpose. The unique opportunity of their current incarnation and the spiritual evolution that may be achieved can be met head on with excitement and understanding.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Yes, there are several things I need you to prepare ahead of time and bring with you.

1. Your list of questions that you want answered from your Oversoul, Guide, or Council. Prepare a list of 5 -10 questions you might have on just about any topic. Some possible examples include, "Why did I choose this body/family/life?", "What is my Soul's purpose and/or life lesson for this incarnation?", "Do any religions have the right idea about God?", "Have I lived on other planets?" etc.  

2. Prepare a "Cast of Characters" list of the 10-15 major people in your life. Obviously, your family and close friends should be on it, but it's ok to include those who have passed on, as well as those "negative" people you just can't get away from. Please list their relationship to you, and 3-4 adjectives or phrases that describe them (both positively and negatively).  


Henry, dad (deceased): funny, creative, work-aholic, stubborn

Julia , mom: perfectionist, clean-freak, good cook, sad  

Most importantly, letting go of preconceptions, expectations, and previous experiences or knowledge will allow you to have a genuine experience. In fact, the ability to let go and simply be with and in the experience is a hallmark of a significant session. You may wish to spend time in meditation, prayer or use guided imagery and relaxation before your LBL session.

Will I remember what happens?

You will be aware of everything you experience, and though people generally have excellent recall of what transpires during their regression session, it’s much easier to relax knowing that I will be recording the session. This also assists you in immersing yourself into your session without a part of your mind worrying, "Will I remember this?" Please feel free to bring your own recording device for back-up, if you want (a cell phone usually works just fine).


"You have seriously flipped my life upside-down -- or maybe right-side up because it's so much better!

~~ D.P. 


What else do I need to know?

Do not plan to have your Life Between Lives session when you are experiencing a time in your life of great physical or emotional stress. I generally recommend waiting 4-6 months after the death of a loved one before doing this work,

It is also important to prepare your body by nurturing it well. A good breakfas on the day of your session is necessary to keep energy levels high during your session; however, please cut down on the amount of caffeine you drink the morning of your appointment. Your Life Between Lives session should be a time when you shut off the outside world and your everyday life so make sure you give yourself the space to enjoy your session.

Finally, make sure you give yourself time on that day to just nurture YOU. Take the day off work and schedule activities (such as being outdoors or doing your favorite crafts) that feed your spirit. I suggest telling all your support people that you will not be making any major decisions which require logical thinking on that day.

How much does it cost?


$450, if you had a previous PLR elsewhere, or more than 3 months after your PLR.

Includes a recording. 

Call me at (916) 710-1313 or fill out the 'contact me' form for a free 15-minute consultation and to schedule an appointment.

<-- DeAnna Torres with Dr. Michael Newton at The Newton Institute’s training in 2011.

Dr. Newton writes in the Conclusion to Journey of Souls:


"To those readers who find the material offered in this book too unprecedented to accept, I would hope for one thing. If you carry away nothing except the idea you have a permanent identity worth finding, I will have accomplished a great deal."

The following is from Dr. Newton's website,

Are there Historical Precedents to Life-Between-Lives Regression?

Perhaps 40 years ago it might have been difficult to find an acceptable answer to this question. For millennia all we had to go on was the experiences of the rare few mystics who could access higher states of consciousness, spiritual understanding, and profound inner encounters with the Divine. In the Western World, there were no scientifically documented and peer-reviewed case studies that could definitively answer that. But since that time, much has changed.

In 1977, Dr. Raymond Moody published the international best seller Life After Life which summarized his findings derived from hundreds of interviews with men and women who were revived following clinical death. His subjects repeatedly described experiences of being out-of-body, traveling through a dark tunnel to a place of great peace and tranquility, and an encounter with one or several brilliant beings of light whose very presence engendered feelings of indescribable love and comfort.

Since then, largely due to advances in emergency medical intervention, tens of thousands of people have been pronounced clinically dead only to return to life and breathe again. Truly re-born, a significant percentage of these individuals retained conscious memory of their soul's Near-Death Experiences. Since Dr. Moody's landmark findings other researchers such as Drs. Kenneth Ring, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and Gary Schwartz have also made important contributions to further understand the Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Another approach to the study of our own multi-dimensional nature has been advanced through practitioners of Out-of-Body Exploration (OBE). Dr.Robert Monroe, in his three books (Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journeys) recorded his own OBEs over three decades, providing further details about the far reaches of human consciousness. He later founded The Monroe Institute which dedicated itself to education, exploration, and research into practical methods of expanding consciousness into realms beyond the physical creation. Other researchers such as William Buhlman, Robert Peterson, and Charles Tart have offered additional theory and methods of how practitioners can accomplish self-initiated OBEs.

Paralleling these developments are the contributions made by hypnotherapists who specialized in Past Life Regression (PLR) such as Dick Sutphen, Hazel Denning, Winifred Lucas, Helen Wambach, Dr. Edith Fiore, Joel Whitton, and Dr. Roger Woolger. Perhaps the most well-known of these pioneers is Dr. Brian Weiss who, in 1988, published Many Lives, Many Masters. The technique these hypnotherapists utilized, Hypnotic Regression, can be likened to a type of "psychological archaeology" that may be applied to cut vertically through time or horizontally through "layers" of consciousness" to promote within clients a deeper, more complete understanding of themselves as spiritual beings engaged in a physical experience. Hypnotic Regression permits access to memories that are not limited to the brief span of time that consciousness has occupied the present physical body. These include remembrance of past lives lived and of the experiences and lessons accrued in what has been termed "Between Life" states.

Regression to Life Between Lives (LBL) is a technique developed by Dr. Michael Newton and is described in his books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. These books summarize Dr. Newton's findings with clients who have been hypnotized into a super-conscious state where it is possible to peer into the spirit world. Based upon his hypnotic regressions with over 7,000 LBL clients over 20 years, Dr. Newton described a realm of spirit which is consistent with, yet far more elaborated, than that found in the NDE and OBE literature. Since Dr. Newton’s work was first published in 1994, others, such as Richard Martini, have documented their case studies in books of their own

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