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What is Shamanic Healing?

In the shamanic understanding, the primary cause of illness is energetic: the illness happens first in your energy field, and then manifests physically in your body.

The three major causes of illness or dis-ease addressed in the session are: 

1. Intrusions, which are basically anything that’s stuck in your energy field that’s not yours. 

 2. Disharmony and fear, which is living out of alignment with what you know to be true.

3. “Soul loss”, or fragmentation of your energetic essence. Often this feels as if part of you is missing, or that you have somehow been diminished by your life experiences.

What is "Soul Loss" or Fragmentation?

In cultures all over the world, shamans and mystics have recognized the holographic nature of our energy for millennia. Like a hologram, we can divide our soul energy (the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body) and still have a complete picture: every part of the soul contains all the information of the whole, even though the strength of the original is diminished by doing so.

Indigenous healers have also recognized a unique coping mechanism which allows us to survive physical and emotional traumas, called “soul loss”, though fragmentation better describes what happens. This is not synonymous with some religion’s idea of "losing your soul", and neither are we talking about your Soul/ Oversoul, which is the larger personal Soul field your mental/emotional-soul merges with between your incarnations on Earth.

In soul loss, some of our energy leaves our bodies during traumatic events, carrying with it the very strongly emotionally-charged imprint of the trauma, which could be anything from accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, war, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, the sudden death of a loved one, job loss, etc. People describe this phenomenon when they say they were watching the event in slow motion or from a distance, as if it were happening to someone else. Modern psychologists and mental health professionals see the results of this and know that dissociation has occurred, but they cannot tell you where the fragmented parts have gone, or how to get them back.

Those parts of our emotional/mental energy are supposed to be quickly reintegrated once the traumatizing event has passed and the individual is safe enough to heal from the emotional pain. However, when a person is not aware of that or circumstances do not allow for that to happen, those energy “imprints” either stay stuck in the matrix of a specific location (so-called “residual hauntings”) or they go to other places in the astral realms where they feel safe.

Unfortunately, as a result, that amount of life-force energy is no longer available to the individual, and his or her physical and emotional health often deteriorates. When soul fragmentation is major, chronic, or on-going, the person is left in a depleted energy state which is believed to be the main reason for succumbing to sickness and disease, and even to premature death.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the process by which a person trained in shamanic healing works with their team of Spirit Allies to find and restore lost energy parts to a client. This is a team effort, initiated by the client who must first ask for help. In fact, the request is a key element to the protocol because it signals the Spirit World that the client is ready to begin the healing process and it also gives the practitioner permission to work on his or her behalf.


"I am continually stunned by this process and can't pass it all off as mere psychological head trips. So much of what DeAnna brought back was right on and truly explains so much about my life. This morning was like a new era dawning, and I feel strangely free and at ease in myself for the first time in years."

~~ Christine B.


What are the Symptoms of Soul Fragmentation?

Fragmentation is easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Here are of some of the classic symptoms, though not everyone will experience all of these:

  • Feelings of being scattered, of not being "all here".
  • Blocked memory--an inability to remember parts of one's life.
  • An inability to feel or receive love from another.
  • Emotionally "flat-lined".
  • A sudden onset of apathy or listlessness.
  • A lack of initiative or enthusiasm for something one used to enjoy.
  • A lack of joy.
  • A failure to thrive.
  • An inability to make decisions.
  • Chronic negativity.
  • Addictions and living "on autopilot".
  • Suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies.
  • Melancholy or despair ("Eeyore syndrome").
  • Chronic depression.

"If I don't have those major symptoms, but I've lived through some traumatic events, do I still need to have a Soul Retrieval done?"

Traumatic events are notorious for affecting some people to the point of disability, and for affecting others not at all. One person may be energized by the loss of a job and see it as a catalyst for finally launching out into doing what they really love; and yet, another person may respond to the same situation by nose-diving into depression and alcohol addiction.

Then there are those seemingly-little events which most people would make it through just fine, but some people are deeply traumatized by -- such as being called upon in class when you weren't paying attention.

Many people know instinctively that they are "missing something", even if they don't have any extreme symptoms. When they hear about soul retrieval, they have an "aha" moment and it just makes sense. Ultimately, I encourage you to trust your intuition about what is right for you at this time.


“I met DeAnna and had a mini-session with her. It did not feel "mini" at all, and I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short time frame. She was open, articulate and extremely helpful, reading me like a book, really. I left with a vibrant energy flowing, and much hope to change some old fear patterns that I had suffered with for most of my life. I hope to meet with her again.”

~~ Lisa H.


What are The Benefits of Soul Retrieval?

The following benefits are possible with soul retrieval, although there is no guarantee what will happen, all soul retrievals are different:

  • You may find it easier to move forward on an issue that has been troubling you.
  • You may feel a sense of being more fully present in your life.
  • You may find it easier to make certain decisions or make certain changes.
  • You may find that some characteristic you have struggled with such as hopefulness, confidence, anger…may improve or go away after a soul retrieval.
  • You may find that you can connect to things more easily.

Additionally, it is possible for the following challenges to be brought up with a soul retrieval:

  • You may have feelings of sadness or depression because of the time that went by since this part of you left.
  • You may find that you can no longer stay in a living situation, relationship, or job which you've known wasn't good for you, but now you must make changes in your life.
  • You may find that feelings you previously did not wish to deal with assert themselves, such as grief or anger.
  • You may finally be motivated to begin a long healing process.

In a few cases a person may literally experiences a complete turn-around of their life to a more joyful way of being. For others, it begins a process of changes that take time to fully emerge. And of course, there are those who feel that not much really happened as a result of their soul retrieval, and it is not until months or years later when they are able to see a pattern of change that was initiated at that time.

How long does a session last?

Please plan on at least 1.5 hours, though Shamanic Healing sessions vary, depending on the needs of the individual client, and can last up to 2.5 hours. This gives us plenty of time to dialog about what brings you to seek my services at this time, to impart some basic teaching on what will be happening, and to brief you on post-session self-care.


"Dear DeAnna,

I wanted to write a note to update you on how I'm feeling these days, and also thank you for the session, which I found to be of great benefit. In a nutshell, I am much better. Emotionally, I feel lighter and, while there is still great heaviness in the world, I am better able to tolerate it without great expense to myself. The parts we retrieved and restored are working their magic and happy to be 'home'. What I have found to be most profound is the lifting of the deep, Soul-wrenching grief that I've been living with for the last few years. A couple times now when people have asked, "How are you?" my response has been an immediate, spontaneous and without-thought, "Great!". And, you know, I'm not BS-ing anyone, especially myself. I really am feeling great. Once again, thank you very much for your gifts and skills that you share with others. I appreciated our session deeply and am very grateful."

~~ R.K.


How much does a session cost?

$175, and it includes a recording.  

Call me at (916) 710-1313 or fill out the 'contact me' form for a free 15-minute consultation and to schedule an appointment.

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