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Why the Tarot?

I've been reading the cards for over a decade for myself, family, and friends, and I have found them to be a fabulous tool for accessing intuitive wisdom and for connecting to my Higher Self. I primarily use the World Spirit Tarot deck, though I'll sometimes draw from one or two Oracle sets to add another layer of meaning to the reading.

What Can the Tarot Do?

The cards are a guide for creating positive changes in all aspects of your life, not just "will-I-meet-a-tall-handsome-stranger" or "will-I-win-the-lottery", as the common stereotype suggests. The rich pictures and symbolic meanings of the cards are drawn from universal archetypes and mythologies. I access my intuition and my knowledge of the works of both Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, as well as my hypnotherapy background to discover how these metaphors apply to your situation.


1. Point to hidden strengths you discount in yourself

2. Bring to your awareness Shadow aspects of your personality that you've disowned

3. Illuminate your next areas of potential growth

4. Clarify how you're blocking or not being honest with yourself 

5. Show you the way forward by revealing options you haven't seen

6. Empower you with greater clarity and focus on the next steps to take

7. Remind you of the foundation you've already laid that supports where you are now

8. Give you an idea of what might happen if you don't make changes in your life


1. Tell the future absolutely (it's always in flux, and a decision you make today will change things)

2. Tell you for sure when something will happen, only that it might

3. Tell you how to win the lottery

What's the difference between Tarot Advising and Tarot Coaching? 

Both use a Tarot reading as a guide for self-awareness and conscious spiritual living. In our 45-minute 'Advising' session, I can read for one major question in-depth, or several yes/no questions on a more surface level. 

For those who want to go beyond curiosity into more of a coaching relationship, I recommend weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour Tarot Coaching appointments (available in packages) until you have achieved the results you want. For this deeper level, once we have uncovered your 'assignment areas' through a Tarot reading, I guide you into creating goals for each area, along with do-able action steps and accountability check-points that will move you toward achieving your goals.

Here's an Example of an Advising Reading:

I did a reading on April 12th, 2020. I wanted to know what is happening energetically 'behind the scenes' with this pandemic. I shuffled, cut the deck, and pulled the top 4 cards.

The first question was:​ What's the opportunity right now on a GLOBAL level with this pandemic?

Judgement. This card points to a time of great transformation, of standing at the threshold of great change, but also of needing to reckon with the past before we can truly  move on.  It asks us to open our eyes to a whole new way of looking at life, to see with the eyes of the heart, and to move into an awareness of something bigger. We have the potential now to be reborn into a more meaningful existence as a species.

Coaching questions

Thinking of yourself as a Global Citizen... 

1. How would you evaluate how sustainable your way of life currently is?

2. In which area(s) of your life could you make an easy change that could have a lasting impact on how you connect with others and with nature?

3. In your estimation, how fully aligned is your life with your values right now?

The​ second question was: What's the opportunity for AMERICA now with the pandemic?

4 of Pentacles, “Security”. I wasn’t surprised by this card at all. It exactly sums up the mental divide in our country between those who know that there’s enough for all when we share and work together, and those who hoard resources out of fear and greed. This card warns us to not depend on what we own for our sense of security, and that the best insurance is the love and support of community.  It reminds us that true wealth can’t be hoarded, and while clever stewardship of resources is important, we shouldn't let irrational fears of deprivation take over. 

Coaching questions: 

Thinking of yourself as an American citizen...

1. What 5 words would you use to describe America's relationship with money and possessions? 

2. What stereotypes do you have about "rich people" and "poor people"?

3. How do those words and stereotypes apply to you when you compare your life as an American to the life of someone in Thailand, Kenya, or Venezuela?

The third question was: What's the opportunity now for CALIFORNIA with this pandemic? (Where I live)

The Fool. This card is about following your intuitive guidance, doing what you know is right for you, regardless  of  society’s notion of appropriate behavior. It encourages us to not be afraid to take the leap of faith out of our comfort zone, recognizing the risk to our reputation, but taking the leap anyway.

Seeing this card didn’t surprise me, either, because Governor Newsom had referred to California as a ‘nation-state’ just 2 days before. What did surprise me was the news that same afternoon that he’s teaming up with the governors of Washington and Oregon to form a Tri-State Coalition on how to manage the reopening of our economy, separate from the Federal government!

Coaching questions:

Thinking of yourself as a part of the larger community...

1. What is something your heart has been calling you to do that you haven't done because of what others might think of you?

2. How might you reach out to find kindred spirits so you won't have to take your leap of faith alone?

The last question was: What's the opportunity for all of us on a PERSONAL level right now?  

The Sage (King) of Pentacles. This card is about shifting how we relate to the world and how we see our place in it as individuals. It encourages us to come from a place of deep knowing that we don't need to prove ourselves to anyone, so that our outer achievements can grow from a place of inner peace and satisfaction that stems from a deep appreciation of life. It also calls us to reconnect to the cycles of nature, and to cultivate patience and practicality in everything we do by finding our own (personal) center of stability.

Coaching questions:

1. How does anxiety over the future show up in your body?

2. What practices might you engage in to help you cultivate a feeling of being more grounded, centered, and relaxed in your body?

How Do You Prepare for a Session?

It's best to have your question thought out ahead of time, so here are some helpful guidelines:


Instead of "What should I do about this situation?" a better way to phrase it is "What can I do to change this situation?" or "If I do [x, y, or z], what might the outcome be for me?"

2. Focus the question on you, not the other person.

Instead of "Why is he such a jerk?" turn the question around to "Why am I still putting up with this bad relationship?"

3. Be curious about what internal blocks are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Good questions here are open-ended, such as: "What am I not seeing right now about this situation that I need to address?"  or "What do I need to know about how I'm impacted by this relationship/situation that I'm not aware of?"

4. Have an idea of what area of your life you'd like to focus on.

Possible areas to consider: personal growth, career, finances, relationships, health & wellness, and life purpose.

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