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What People Are Saying:

Hypnotherapy & E.F.T.:

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression:

Classes & Workshops:

"The class was a pleasure! You taught with clarity, conviction and exuberance. A lot of information was covered in a short period of time; I know this class will definitely help me on my life journey." (The EFT Introductory Workshop)

~~ Peggy S.

"The meditations were excellent. I appreciated your enthusiasm for the materials and clear explanations of how the subconscious mind works." (Self-Hypnosis Training)

~~ M.M.

 “This was my first time journeying and I didn’t know what to expect, but you gave me such good guidance that I felt safe, and I will definitely continue with it. It’s clear that you love what you teach!” (Introduction to Shamanic Journeying)

~~ S.A.

“Thanks DeAnna for facilitating such an informative and rich discussion and practice today! I learned so many tools and am eager to put them into practice on a regular basis. You are incredibly skilled at listening for and ferreting out underlying thoughts and beliefs.”

~~ Deb M. (EFT)

"Don't miss DeAnna's classes – she's a phenomenal teacher!"

~~ Katherine Zimmerman, owner of California Hypnotherapy Academy

Spirit Healing & Soul Retrieval

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